An interactive map of literature studies of Uniola paniculata and Ammophila breviligulata along the US east coast

The focus of this map is the region of range overlap for these two species (NJ-NC).

  • Orange markers — locations of studies focusing on Ammophila breviligulata.
  • Blue markers — locations of studies focusing on Uniola paniculata.
  • Purple markers — locations where both are studied.
  • Filled markers — well-defined locations.
  • Open markers — general locations.
  • The map is interactive, you can zoom, pan, and click markers.

    Clicking on a marker will open text bubbles with the relevant paper(s),

    and clicking the 'DOI' will open the specific document.

    Many of these papers are behind a paywall. Unpaywall is useful for finding free, legal versions of paywalled content

    This map accompanies a paper available here:

    The data underlying this map is available

    The code for this map is available

    Did we miss a paper? let us know by filling out this form — we'll add it to the map.

    Many people contributed to this project:

  • From UNC — Reuben Biel, Evan Goldstein, Laura Moore, and Elsemarie Mullins;
  • From OSU — Sally Hacker, Katya Jay, Rebecca Mostow and Peter Ruggiero;
  • From VCU — Joseph Brown and Julie Zinnert.
  • Our project was inspired by: Tobias M. 2014. Map: A Geographic Research Review for California. figshare.

    This work was supported by NOAA (EESLR NA15NOS4780172), NSF-GLD (EAR-1324973), and the Virginia Coast Reserve Long-Term Ecological Research Program (NSF DEB-123773). Support for EVM was also provided by the NSF GRFP (DGE-1650116).